Gallery – pictures of kits completed



Here are a few pictures of some of the kits completed by myself, Deanna and Sarah, whom I mentioned in one of my articles about diamond painting and how therapeutic it is.

A beautiful mandala.

One of the first o.nes I ever did

This one was completed  by Sarah, color blind, who had no issues. 

My niece completed one just like this.

This looks like my kitty. Moon/Sun mandala.

This is the one that I used for the tutorial images.

I just really loved the colors in this one.







The one below is one that I am working on which is quite large as you can see. My son stands 6’1″ tall and it reaches from his chin to his ankles. This could take me a little while to do.

Please feel free to submit pictures of the kits  that you have completed and share them.  Let us know the size, name of the kit, cost and where you purchased it from so that others can do the same if they choose.

Accessories – tools of the trade


As with any hobby or form of craft, there are many different tools of the trade so to speak. Golfing has the clubs, shoes, visors, tees, and balls just to name a few. Without the proper tools, you will be unable to complete the task at hand whether you are a carpenter, stonemason, golfer, or baker. No matter what it is that you love to do everything has the bare necessities, as well as the more elaborate accessories.

The bare necessities

Every kit that you order comes with the barest necessities of tools. Each kit includes the essentials of a pen, clay, bead tray, crystals and the canvas. These are the minimal requirements needed to complete your diamond painting. Some companies even include a pair of tweezers, some are metal and some are plastic, and little baggies to put your opened crystals in. Also, it should be noted that some of the extremely large paintings double up on the tools to ensure that you have enough to complete them.

Besides the basic tools, you will also need a few things that you should already have at home such as a flat surface to work on, like a kitchen or dining room table or desk. A pair of scissors is needed to cut open the crystal packets. You need a rolling pin to roll over the painting when it is completed to make sure the crystals adhere to the glue and do not fall off of the canvas. Plus a straight pin is helpful to remove air bubbles and a razor blade or Exacto knife is handy to take out wrinkles in the glue.

This is an example of just one of many accessory kits available to purchase online.
An example of one of many accessory kits available for purchase online.

Extras that can be a big help

As you become more advanced with your diamond painting and are no longer a beginner there are tools and accessories that you can purchase to aid in the ease of your projects. Light pads help to distinguish the symbols in some of the darker colored squares on your canvas by shining light from underneath or behind the canvas. Many of these are USB powered. An easel can help to elevate your canvas so that it is easier on your neck and back when working on your project for long periods of time. Lighted pens and pens with bars on one end help to see the crystals and make picking them up a little easier, as well as picking up a line of them at a time instead of singles every time. Bead organizers and containers also corral all of your crystals and help to keep them from spilling and one last thing that I like is a briefcase-like carrier to put your diamond painting in to take it with you to work on elsewhere. There is also a little, roller tool that allows you to roll sections at a time as you progress through your painting to adhere the crystals to the glue on your canvas instead of waiting until the entire thing is completed and using a rolling pin.

I need more, I ran out

Each kit includes a pen, tray, and wax, which in most cases is enough to complete your painting. Occasionally though you may use all of your clay/wax and will need to purchase more, or your pen might break and again you may need to purchase another. There is a solution for these problems as well. Several companies online sell accessory kits with multiple pens, trays and clays included. It is an entire accessory kit unto itself. These also come in handy if you are teaching an art class and need multiples of these items or if you are diamond painting as a family or any size group. They are nice for parties, scouts, church groups, elderly activities, and sleepovers as well.

So, in conclusion, you can do your first kit using only the basic tools that came with it and continue doing this with every kit thereafter, or you can purchase extra tools and accessories that will make it easier on you physically to work on larger paintings or for longer periods of time. You have the choice to spend as little or as much as you would like on your new-found hobby and the tools and accessories to create your paintings, cards, decor, clothing items, jewelry, or whatever your imagination can contrive. Just remember, with the kits you don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful artwork.

New accessories, tools, and products are being introduced all of the time. I welcome any questions, information or feedback from you about this. Also, please feel free to leave your comments about the content on this post.

Let’s get it done – finishing

After you have placed all of your crystals on your canvas then it is time to finish it up by setting the crystals, matting it and placing into a frame. Then all that is left is to hang it and step back and admire your accomplishment.


As you continue to place your crystals you will notice that your painting will get bigger and bigger. It will be easy to watch your progress and see your painting “grow”. The more crystals that you place and fill in with different colors the more you will see the details of your painting come into perspective.

As it fills in you will get a sense of accomplishment and pride. You can work on this as often as you wish for as long as you are able.


As you finish the last few crystals, you will notice that you have some left over. That is okay. Just mark them by number in a baggie and keep them. They will come in handy as you continue to work on diamond painting kits, trust me on this.


Once you have completely filled in all of your blocks you can now use a rolling pin or a can of juice or vegetables to roll over the top of your painting and push the crystals down into the glue. This will ensure that the crystals do not fall off of the canvas.

Each canvas tells you the size in centimeters somewhere on the border of the canvas. Use this as a guide to purchase a mat and frame for your artwork. For the painting that I used as an example in this tutorial the measurement is 20 x 20 cm. All of the paintings that I have purchased have been measured in centimeters. Make sure that the mat covers the borders of your painting as you do not want to see the legend or on the outside of your frame, it won’t look too nice

All that is left is to mat it and put it in the frame that you have chosen and then hang it on your wall, step back and admire your handiwork.


As I mentioned earlier there are a few things that I have learned along the way that I would like to share with you.

An ice cube tray makes a good thing to put your crystals in while you work on yo ur diamond painting. You can write the numbers and symbols on it with a sharpie marker and then when you are finished with your painting you can wash off the marker and start over with the next painting.

Baggies sometimes come in the kit to place your opened crystals in, but you can use regular snack size baggies to do the same thing if your kit doesn’t come with any. Also you can write the numbers and symbols on the baggies with sharpie and wash it off and reuse them with the next kit.

There are a couple of things that I learned about the canvas and the glue that is on it. When your kit arrives lay the canvas out flat and put a couple of books on it to flatten out the wrinkles. The glue may have some wrinkles in it as well. To remedy this, lift up that section of the film that covers it and using an exacto knife, slice the glue in the middle of the wrinkle, lay the film back over the glue and press down gently. Also,sometimes there are air bubbles in the glue. This is also very easy to fix. Use a straight pin or a safety pin to put a tiny hole in the air bubble and follow the same steps that you did for the wrinkle by lifting the film, making the hole, putting the film back over the bubble and pressing gently to remove the bubble.

Just a few last things that you need to know about the glue. Be very careful not to place your hand or arm in the glue when you are placing your diamonds on as the oils fromyour skin will cause the glue to not adhere to the crystals. It is also very susceptible to dirt, pet hair, and other little particles. So try to keep your work surface as clean as possible.


Occasionally the company may forget to include a packet of crystals. In that case contact the company that you purchased your kit from making sure to include your order number. They will get you the crystals that were omitted. Sometimes though you may have an accident and spuill your diamonds in which case you may not have enough diamonds to complete your painting. Don’t panic. There are several websites that you can go to to order replacements such as and Stitches to The cost for packets is minimal and the packets come in different sizes.


Well there you have it. I hope this tutorial has been of help and that you are super excited to purchase your very own diamond painting kit and get started. It is extremely easy to do and so rewarding. It promotes well being, relaxation, self worth, pride and a sense of accomplishment. Besides it is so much FUN to do. Good luck and enjoy.


Follow me and I will take you to the world of painting with diamonds. It is a fun and relaxing hobby that does not require any special tools or skills. It is easy to paint with diamonds and create something with your very own hands that is simple and beautiful. With the many genres of diamond paintings there is something out there for everyone. So get yourself a kit and follow along. Your kit has everything in it that you need to complete your work of art. You only need a flat surface, a pair of scissors and either some tape or containers.


To get started you first have to go to a website that sells the kits. Here are a few of my favorite websites


Once you choose a website (feel free to click on any of the listed ones above) then you look through the different genres that it has and choose one that appeals to you. That is the easy part. Now comes the difficult part, you have to look through all of the paintings until you find the one that you like and would like to do. Once you have accomplished that feat, then you can place your order. Children make sure you have your parents permission to do this and have them place the order for you. Many websites require a purchaser to be 18 years of age to place an order.

Now comes the hardest part of the entire process. Once your order has been placed and paid for, you must wait patiently for the package to arrive in the mail. Many of them are shipped from China and that can take a few weeks to arrive. They are either shipped in gray or white vinyl type envelopes or some come in boxes. Many of the websites including those listed above will let you track your order, which helps with the anxiety of wanting to know when will it get here.


After many days of tracking, watching and impatiently waiting the postman/woman finally arrives and delivers your envelope or box containing your diamond painting kit. You rush into the house, grab a pair of scissors and get it open. The adrenalin is pumping and you can’t wait to get started.

Cutting the envelope open or cutting the tape on the box you find a plastic sleeve. Inside this sleeve is everything that you need to complete your work of art.


  • Pre-glued canvas with picture/blocks printed on it and a film covering the glue
  • Sealed bags of diamond crystals
  • A green or white plastic tray
  • A pink pickup pen with silver tip
  • Pink wax (enough to complete the piece)
  • Optional is a pair of tweezers (per the company) and tiny Ziploc type baggies for your extra diamonds/crystals
  • Not included in your kit, but which you will need, is a good pair of scissors to cut open the packets of colored crystals/diamonds. You will want to have a flat surface large enough for your canvas to lie flat and still have some room to lay your diamonds out so that you can see the numbers, as well as room enough for your tray of crystals. Here is a little tip for you: a plastic ice cube tray makes a good container to put your diamonds in. You can use a sharpie to write the numbers on the tray in each ice cube hole for the coordinating crystal and symbol. It can be covered with clear plastic wrap to keep the crystals from spilling out and can be purchased at Dollar Tree or Dollar General for a dollar or so.

Ok so you have opened it up and laid everything out on your flat surface. This is basically what yours should look like too:



To get started lay your canvas out flat. Sometimes it helps to lay a couple of heavy books on it to get some of the wrinkles out prior to beginning work. Next look at your legend at the side of the diamond painting. Here is what that should look like.


Next choose which number or symbol you would like to get started on. I would advise beginners to start in the upper corner and only peel back a little of the film at a time as you complete small sections. For the purposes of this tutorial I chose to work on #1, which is the symbol “F”.

Next, I opened up the packet of crystals that corresponded with the number and symbol that I had chosen and poured them into my green tray.

.crystal packet

number and symbol

crystals in green tray

As you can see in this blown.up picture of the crystals in the tray, these are round crystals and the flat side is the side that gets put down into the glue on the canvas.

Next you need to push the silver tip into the pink wax.

This will put wax into the tip of the pen and leave a hole in your wax. Next just touch the tip of the pen to one of the upright crystals like so….

Then you will place the crystal onto the canvas in the appropriate block or circle that corresponds to the number and symbol that you have decided to work on. It does not take much pressure to make the crystal adhere to the glue on the canvas.

placing crystals

How do I do diamond painting – what do I need

Diamond painting is extremely easy to do and requires no special skills. The supplies needed to complete a canvas are provided in each kit that you purchase. There are more than enough supplies contained within each kit to complete your picture. Although accidents do happen occasionally and sometimes crystals get spilled or the factory omits a color, you can contact the company and get replacements or order replacements in any color that you would need from one of the many websites out there.


There are no special skills required to do diamond painting. The skills that you need to do this were taught to you way back in grammar school. You need only to be able to read, match objects to numbers and symbols, know your colors and pick up and place pieces. Diamond painting is so easy that even children can do this.

You must be able to read or at least recognize numbers and symbols. On your instruction paper, as well as down the side of your canvas, there is a legend. A legend is a box with a list of numbers and symbols in it. This legend gives you the numbers of the crystals, what the coordinating symbols are, the number of crystals that are required for the painting and how many packages of crystals are in the kit. The packages of crystals are enclosed in plastic and have numbers printed on them. The numbers correspond to a specific symbol on the canvas.

Once you have decided on the symbol that you want to work on and you have found the coordinating crystal package, now you have to cut it open using scissors or a knife. This, for most people, is something they already know how to do. Once open you pour the crystals into the tray and you are basically ready to start your painting. The only other skill required is to pick up and place the crystals on the canvas.

My advice to newbies and children just starting out would be to begin with a small canvas 20 cm x 20 cm. These can be obtained at a minimal cost at where you only pay shipping and handling or for $5.00 or less plus S&H at By doing this you can try this brand new hobby for yourself without investing outrageous amounts of money until you decide for yourself whether you like to do this. It does take a certain amount of patience to do so I suggest starting small and working your way up in size and content.


When you order a kit it will come with just about everything that you need to complete the picture. Each kit comes with a tray to hold your crystals while you work, a pen, wax, crystal packets, canvas, instruction sheet/pattern guide, small sip lock type baggies and some come with a pair of tweezers. In addition to the kit you will also need a table or flat surface, good lighting, a rolling pin, an exacto knife and a pair of scissors.

As you get more advanced with this hobby there are more tools and accessories that you can purchase to make this a little easier, more organized and more efficient. Items such as a USB light bar, which you place underneath the canvas. This enables you to see/read the symbols in the darker blocks on your canvas much easier. A normal rolling pin can be used to roll over the painting when it is completed to push the crystals down into the glue so that they will not come off. You can purchase a small rolling pin specifically designed to do the same thing. There are also different types of pens which are available to use to pick up your crystals to place them on the canvas. Each kit comes with one, but you can purchase them with lights in them, round, large or small etc.

Other than the supplies that come with your diamond painting kit the other things are usually items that you already ha e available to you at home. A table or flat surface can be anything big enough to lay your canvas flat on in order to work on it. Small ones can be done on a TV tray or small folding table. Likewise, larger ones need a large surface such as the dining room table or a large folding table. There are even desks made for architects that have an inclining surface that are good for small to medium canvases. No matter what flat surface you decide to use be sure that you are comfortable. Choose an equally comfortable chair to sit in and good lighting. After all you could be sitting for long periods of time working on your painting and you definitely need to be able to see well the colors and symbols that you are using and doing. The scissors are used to open crystal packets and the knife is to remove air bubbles and folds in the glue.


There are two kinds of diamond painting kits; partial and full drill. Full drill is a diamond painting that is made of nothing but crystals. Partials are a partial print/picture and partial crystals. Both are pretty and the partial usually takes less time to complete.

There are many different places to purchase diamond painting kits. They can be bought online as well as in stores. Kits can be obtained through sites such as Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy; sites like and; store sites like WalMart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Joann’s; as well as specific diamond painting sites like and

There are thousands of diamond painting kits to choose from in many different genres. There is a genre for everyone whether you like Disney princesses or Thomas Kincaid paintings. There are still lifes, modern impressionistic art, flowers, animals, sea scapes, scenery, people, and cities just to name a few. Some are funny and some are serious. There are many religious paintings as well including Christian paintings like the Last Supper and the Virgin Mary, and zen type paintings like lotus flower, river rocks and candles or Buddha. There are colorful mandalas and fantasy paintings like dragons and fairies. So there is something out there for everyone, whatever your fancy.tern

In addition to the ready-made kits there are custom kits. With these kits you can send a picture that you have taken such as a child’s school picture, wedding photograph or a picture of your pet with Santa. You send in the photograph and they will make a kit for you including the canvas and crystals to replicate your picture. These are personalized and are great keepsakes and gifts for loved ones. Just remember the larger the canvas, the more detail that will be involved in the final painting. These are great ways to remember people, pets, places and events. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I can only imagine what a diamond painting of my son’s wedding or my grandson’s graduation from kindergarten could be worth for many years to come.

Plus you can convert any cross stitch pattern into a diamond painting just by ordering the coordinating DMC thread colored crystals according to the legend on your cross stitch pattern, a pre-glued canvas, wax and a pen. Then you are off and running. Just use the pattern, place the coordinating crystals and before you know it the cross stitch pattern that you love so much is now a beautiful diamond painting for your wall and it didn’t take near as long as doing the same thing with needle and embroidery floss. There is no starching or pressing involved either.


Each kit comes with more than enough supplies to complete your diamond painting. Of course occasionally the company packaging the kits will forget to include a crystal color. In that case you simply contact the company with your order number, follow their policy for replacement supplies. If, on the other hand you fall and spill your crystals in your shag carpet then you will need to order replacement crystals. In this case there are suppliers online such as or where you can get replacements enough to finish your painting. You can also get crystals to do a DIY design.


Yes, you can do this. People of almost any age, physical or mental ability can do this, either alone or with help. Simply choose partial or full drill, order your kit and sit back and wait for the adventure to begin. When it arrives check your legend and get started. You are safe in the knowledge that you have more than enough supplies to complete your picture and you have the ability and skills to do so confidently.



Diamond painting, crystal painting and gem painting are just three of the many names for a new way to pass the time.

Do you remember back to your grammar school-days when the teacher gave you crayon and a picture that had numbers on it? You had to color all the numbers with the corresponding crayon color. Then when you were a little older Santa brought you a paint by number kit. Here you became a little more advanced and had to create a beautiful painting by using a brush and paint the numbers on the board with the corresponding paint color pods. Nowadays there is diamond painting.

Diamond painting is essentially the same as the paint by numbers kits that you did as a child. They are a cross of that and cross stitch. You place crystals onto a pre-glued canvas that are color/number coded. The canvas resembles a cross stitch pattern with small blocks that have numbers, letters and symbols in each block corresponding to the different colors of crystals needed to “paint” the picture.

The colors of the crystals have a direct correlation to the colors of DMC embroidery floss. There are 455 colors of resin square crystals as there are 455 colors of DMC floss. Having so many colors to choose from allows for more detail to be obtained in the paintings. Also, the larger the painting, the more detail in it.


Diamond painting is not relaxing, but fun to do. It helps to maintain focus as well.

My niece, who is 26-years-old, has issues with anxiety, ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder) and PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). She finds it difficult at times to stay focused on things. I introduced her to diamond painting and she loves it. It relaxes her and she tends to focus more than usual on her painting even becoming obsessed with doing it and not wanting to stop.

One of my son’s friends who is only 16-yers-old suffers from many of the same disorders as my niece, but also has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and depression. I got him his first kit and he told me that his OCD kicked in and he worked on it for hours. He felt a sense of accomplishment and pride as he told me about working on his picture.

Painting with diamonds is not only a fun hobby, but can be beneficial to a person’s health and well-being. Upon completion of your masterpiece you can frame it and hang it on your wall, give it as a gift to someone that you love knowing that you created that with your very own hands, or you can sell it and have extra cash on hand to purchase more kits. You can spend as little or as much time as you like working on this hobby. How long it takes depends on the size of the picture, the number of different colors used and the level of commitment that you have to work on it.

About Mary

Hi there, welcome to my website. Here I will answer some of your questions, teach you a few things and get you started on your diamond painting journey.


In 2018, I fell at work hitting my head off of the concrete floor and causing skull fractures and multiple other injuries. After being hospitalized for seven days I found myself at home and bedridden. Until that day I had been a full time employee and a single mother. I was extremely active and busy. In my spare time I did things like listen to music, read, watch TV and crochet.

As you can imagine, my pass time hobbies became my full time busy work and very quickly I was in need of something new to occupy my mind and my time. Enter stage right an advertisement on Facebook about diamond painting. Out of curiosity I clicked on it and a whole new exciting world was opened up to me.

There are websites and kits to order, but there wasn’t any place to ask questions or get taught anything. So I set off on my own and did the “learn as you go” thing with one small hitch – I do not speak or read Chinese. I ordered my first kit.

My kit was small and did not include much in the way of instruction or tips, but I muddled through and completed it. Since then, I have become hooked and have shared my experience with countless others who have joined in on the latest craze.


With my first two or three kits I barely muddled through having no-one to ask questions of. I spilled my crystals and knew not where to get extras. To say the least, I was stressed and this was supposed to be relaxing.

Here, I am going to try to answer some questions that you may have and give you some direction.

This is a very relaxing and rewarding hobby that could even potentially make you some extra cash if you so choose. The kits come with everything that you need to complete them. Once completed you can give them as gifts or sell them. You can give the kits as gifts to friends and loved ones for them to do themselves.

This is a hobby that will benefit persons with ADHD and those who have anxiety issues. It helps you relax and to stay focused. Plus they are fun to do. There are so many different kinds of genres and sizes of kits available.


It is my hope that you too will decide to try this and get hooked just like myself and so many others. It is truly rewarding and you can see the progress that you make.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,